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Yes, education or workshops tailored to personal needs are possible under individual agreements.

We also have English and Hungarian copywriters in-house, but we can solve copywriting in all European languages, as we work with dozens of copywriters from many parts of the world.

In some cases, yes. At the same time, we usually recommend at least 3 months of cooperation. Most activities involve significant administrative work and extra expense as we need to get to know your business to succeed together.

We are constantly improving our processes in the framework of an issue log cycle. We also maintain a separate database of development ideas, and project managers implement projects from it on a monthly basis. Refunds are conceivable in special cases.

The internal structure of the organization is different from most agencies due to the applied self-improvement processes, the general principle of radical transparency, the full digital lifestyle, and the use of a large number of international freelancers.

We have 7 main values.

  1. We are modern storytellers.
  2. Marketing is about people and emotions.
  3. We are looking for new professional solutions with passion.
  4. With our precise and consistent work, we radiate conviction and serenity.
  5. We create digital and real spaces where we enjoy working together.
  6. Preserving our creativity, we organize our work with developed processes.
  7. By understanding our customers, and constantly making initiations, we achieve outstanding results.

By phone on +36 30 370 3411, by email at hello@marketingastro.com, or by filling out the form above. We actively monitor our Facebook and LinkedIn channels as well, where you can also contact us.

We know most of the segments, but obviously there may be special needs that are sector-specific. We are past several successful projects with IT, HR and financial companies.

Collaborations are always preceded by a planning process. We recommend further activities by examining the budget, business goals and organizational options together.

We start each project with a survey, which is usually a conversation where we discuss the goals and the elements needed to reach them. After the contract is signed, a kickoff meeting will take place with the project manager in charge and the experts involved in the project.

Through emails, phone calls, and a project management software, or even on Discord. When communicating, we make sure to give a clear picture of the current situation with each email, and not just send single-line messages.