Advertising agency

Advertising agencies carry out advertising and marketing activities for their clients. The agency usually employs creative professionals who define the target audience, the message, and the communication channels through which the advertising is delivered to the client’s target audience.

In general, they can provide a range of services to their clients, including advertisement planning and execution, media acquisition, online and offline marketing, brand design, and development. The agency’s role is to understand the client’s business and target audience and communicate the message effectively and efficiently to the relevant market.

Larger agencies work with more clients simultaneously, while smaller agencies provide more specialized services to fewer clients.

Services provided by advertising agencies

Offline advertising agency

Offline advertising agencies focus on traditional print media (e.g., newspapers, magazines, leaflets, posters, etc.) and audiovisual communication (e.g., radio and television advertising, film commercials, etc.). The primary objective of these types of agencies is to increase brand awareness and sales for their clients using traditional marketing and advertising tools.

Their services include brainstorming and creative design, including producing advertisements, posters, flyers, and other printed materials.

Offline advertising agencies also oversee clients’ advertising campaigns, including creative production, media planning, scheduling, and budgeting. They advise clients on how to improve campaign effectiveness, target messages, and help distribute advertising.

They also offer customer research, market analysis, and customer relationship management services. These are particularly useful because they allow clients to understand their target audience better.

Over time, these advertising agencies have also shifted to online marketing tools and, now, use digital and offline resources together to create more efficient and effective campaigns.

Online advertising agency

Online advertising agencies provide marketing and advertising services to their clients via the Internet, such as developing online marketing strategies and optimization of clients’ websites, i.e., search engine optimization, content marketing, online advertising, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, analytics, and reporting.

These agencies develop tailored online marketing campaigns that effectively increase website traffic, conversions, and purchases according to the goals and needs of their clients. They also help you understand the world of digital marketing and find the most effective solutions to increase your online presence.

Many agencies use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other online advertising platforms, allowing clients to display targeted ads online, avoid wasteful spending, and improve conversions through effective advertising.

What makes a good marketing agency

Achieving customer goals

Agencies’ primary task is to achieve their clients’ goals. This means marketing companies must understand their client’s industry, target audience, and previous marketing efforts. Only then can they develop a strategy that effectively helps clients achieve their goals.

Therefore, good marketing agencies put a lot of emphasis on:

communication and cooperation with customers

for communication

for cooperation

Exploring new marketing opportunities

Another essential task is to identify and offer new marketing opportunities to customers. The online marketing world is constantly changing, making it difficult for clients to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, agencies must keep up with the latest changes and trends. Both to help clients discover new opportunities and to show new ways of using these for their own markets and target groups.

New marketing opportunities often include innovative technologies such as interactive advertising, live video, or AI (artificial intelligence) based solutions. Agencies must be open to the latest trends and technologies and identify which opportunities might work for a particular client.

Offering data-driven solutions

Data-driven solutions are one of the most critical areas of modern marketing. Good advertising agencies assist clients in using their data and making data-driven decisions. This is important because more accurate data allows more effective, targeted, personalized campaigns to be designed and executed.

But what do we mean by data-driven solutions? This includes data and audience analytics, user experience analytics, behavioral data analytics, and more.

It enables agencies to provide clients with tools to measure campaigns’ effectiveness intelligently and get more accurate data on customer behavior together with the impact of campaigns.

Maximizing performance and continuously striving for improvement

Boosting efficiency

Professional advertising agencies are always looking to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. This includes defining target audiences, developing creative materials, analyzing and optimizing different marketing channels, and continuously measuring and improving results.

Professional tools

Your marketing agency must provide professional tools and experience, as these assets will help detect even minor imperfections that a beginner might overlook.


Analyzing and improving the performance of campaigns is a continuous process that enables agencies to enhance the effectiveness of their clients’ marketing.

Continuous improvement


Agencies need to stay updated on industry trends and emerging opportunities. Keeping pace with new technologies and changes in consumer behavior is also crucial

Important data to measure

Regardless of whether you work with an offline, online, or hybrid marketing agency, they should measure the performance of their work. After all, this is how you can determine whether the strategy is working. If it’s not, don’t hesitate to request a change.

Businesses define performance in various ways, but most often, they focus on the following metrics:

ROI (return on investment)



Conversion rate


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Metrics alone don’t provide meaningful insights. You need to place them in context. How will your business measure its success? What areas do you want to improve? What strategies have you previously tried that were successful, and which were not? Answers to these questions will guide your marketing team in taking the right steps to make your marketing efforts effective.

However, measuring performance can be a difficult task.

While certain metrics like conversion rates and impressions are easily accessible through free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Ads, others demand more advanced software. If you are collaborating with a more experienced agency, they likely possess this technology.

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Frequently asked questions

It depends on several factors: your specific goals, industry, budget, and chosen strategies. Some results may become apparent in weeks, while others could take months or even up to a year. Setting realistic expectations and maintaining regular communication with the agency to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments is essential.

To assess if an advertising agency is a suitable match for your business, consider factors such as their experience, the services they provide, their communication style, and pricing. Search for case studies or testimonials from previous clients to determine if they have succeeded in your industry or with similar businesses. We highly recommend you understand your goals and needs before selecting an agency.

The effectiveness of your agency’s efforts can be evaluated using a variety of metrics, but it always hinges on your specific business. Some common metrics include the number of website visitors, leads generated, conversions, revenue, and ROI. Establishing clear goals and metrics from the outset and consistently monitoring and analyzing these results is crucial.

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