Senior SEO Specialist

Who are we?

Astro is a performance marketing agency founded in 2015 with a portfolio focused mainly on international activities. Our values include transparency, a love of work and results, and building a collaborative community. We live a fully digital life. We don’t have an office; we manage our work with software, and we communicate with each other through these platforms.

The ideal candidate

You are familiar with the various link-building techniques, social bookmarking, guest posting, PBN use, and other direct ranking techniques. You will advise other SEO experts on achieving different results for our clients. You can design content for an organization, not only from a keyword perspective but also from a creative and client goals perspective. You will be involved in the planning of partner activities.

It is expected that you have significant knowledge of link building. You should be familiar with WordPress systems and communicate well in writing.

What skills are we looking for in you?

  • English and Hungarian language skills
  • Knowledge of WordPress, SEMRush, Datastudio
  • Knowledge of Google software
  • Be able to consult colleagues and have the patience to review their work
  • Solve problems independently and work with project managers
Advantage if…

  • You know JavaScript, CSS, and HTML coding
  • Have you ever been involved in SEO optimization for a major website?
  • Do you have international experience
  • Have you ever built a live blog site using only SEO
  • Have you ever built a link database in an international market

What do we offer?

Full-time cooperation

Competitive payment

Fully online working environment

Continuous development opportunities

Radical transparency

Flexible working hours

A supportive, friendly environment

Apply at

Send an email to! Your email will be read by Előd Czakó. In the subject of the letter, please write the position! Please include your email address and phone number in your letter. In other words, it should be included, and you should not have to dig it out from your CV. Please include a CV with your letter! A photo version is preferred.