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Google Ads campaign management

Google Ads was launched as Google Google Ads in 2000, with very limited functionality at the time. However, Google’s online advertising platform quickly outgrew its initial flaws and soon provided exactly what users needed: effective Google Ads campaign management.

With Google Search, Google Ads can display ads and calls to action for your chosen search terms, which also appear ahead of organic results in the search results list. With almost everyone in Europe and the US using this search engine, it’s unsurprising that the integration of the two platforms works so well.

Of course, the initial formats have changed a lot since then. Besides using the usual search ads, you can now advertise with banners on websites or apps, create video ads on YouTube, or even appear in Google News or Gmail ads.

But there’s more to it than that – as with all advertising platforms, the details count. A poorly positioned Google Ads campaign can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars without results, while a well-positioned ad can bring in customers for a few thousand dollars. So, hiring professionals to manage your Google Ads campaign is worth considering.

How we have helped our clients manage their Google Ads campaigns

The differences are sometimes striking, sometimes less so. Still, the cost of achieving a particular goal when selling or offering any service is not the same for a Hungarian company. One of our clients, who provided healthcare services, contacted us because of too few patients and a high unit price per patient. For them, it cost 4800 HUF to register a patient on Google Ads campaigns in April 2022.

However, due diligence revealed that this was not a realistic amount, as they were targeting sign-ups and events such as when someone Googles their business. The actual amount was, therefore 5,300 HUF which was just below the expected level. So, in step zero of the Google Ads campaign management, we set the conversion points correctly and then significantly increased the effectiveness of the campaigns with continuous builds.

One year later, in April 2023, we reduced the registration fee to HUF 2371, which means that we could refer 2 patients to therapy for the previous price, instead of 1, which means a much higher return on investment. So, our client also voted to increase the monthly budget, which gradually doubled and tripled over a year.

Common Google Ads campaign management pain points

Google Ads is designed to boost sales quickly and for a predefined amount, even without any special preparation. Ads can be created quickly and produce results within 1-2 days, making them an ideal choice for most businesses.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t pain points that can affect the effectiveness of managing Google Ads campaigns.

High fees

The cost per click can be 3-4 times higher than normal with the wrong settings. This means the account spends several times more than it should, while a few adjustments can easily reduce the number of clicks.

Ineffective keyword selection

Without practice, the wrong keywords are regularly selected. This is because you cannot just rely on a gut feeling when defining terms; you need to do keyword research to determine what and how many people are searching for in a particular area. But even these terms should not be filtered because if you search for “iPhone X,” you are probably looking for information, but if you search for “iPhone X price,” you are probably looking for an actual purchase.

Poor quality score

In Google Ads campaigns, Google tries to help us by rating our ads. If something is flawed or poorly constructed, it gets a poor Quality Score, significantly reducing the number of times our ads are shown.

The lack of testing

It’s one thing to imagine something. It’s another thing to execute it flawlessly. The key to a Google Ads campaign is always to check the first steps. Are your ads really measuring conversions well? Are we really only showing our ads to remarketing audiences? It’s not enough to build them. They need to be constantly tested to spot errors in time.

Inappropriate targeting

In addition to keywords, the new type of PMax campaigns can also target a range of other life events and interests. These offer an extra opportunity, but if you target them wrong, they can also ruin your campaigns. Thus, the initial targeting parameters must be constantly monitored and changed where appropriate.

Poor text and graphics

Everyone can have good ideas, but Google insists on certain parameters for text and creatives. If you write good copy but don’t include the keyword you’re targeting, it’s technically a poor-quality ad.

Choose the Marketing Astro team for successful campaigns

If you don’t want to leave the future of your business to luck, we can help you manage your Google Ads campaign. But our job isn’t just about managing Google Ads. Our package includes the audit you need to launch professional ads, the right setup for ads and Analytics, regular meetings, and even the cost of setting up creatives.

Workflows at Marketing Astro

Step one

When managing Google Ads campaigns, we start with auditing first. We review your account, check the Google Analytics reports attached to it, and check your settings. We’ll look for typical errors or points to fix to quickly improve the efficiency of your Google Ads campaign management. Once we’ve done this, we’ll discuss our observations and ideas with you, and then we can start working together.

Step two

The next step is to build a campaign plan using the agreed budget. This involves thinking about what types of campaigns would be most effective for your company and whether a short or longer sales chain is needed. We will conduct keyword research, analyze your competitors, brainstorm, and then draw up a campaign plan, ​​which we will discuss with you.

Step three

We create the first campaigns after you have approved (or modified) them. We then track the results of these campaigns based on the initial data and optimize them after just two weeks. The process moves forward in this way: we meet with you, discuss any positive or negative changes, and adjust the campaign plans accordingly.

We listen to what you say and what you ask for – and tell you in advance if you ask for something unrealistic.

Your opinion matters to us; we’re not afraid to talk openly. Whether through an online platform or over the phone, we’ll keep in touch and let you know if there’s a problem so you can trust us to manage your Google Ads campaign.

Client testimonials

Why choose the Marketing Astro team

If you’re looking for an online marketing agency that can support your growth and development to the maximum, our team is what you’re looking for.


Frequently asked questions

No. You don’t have to pay us for the advertising costs; you pay Google Ads, so you get the bill. However, during the negotiation process, you can clearly indicate how much of your advertising budget we can use.

No. Google Ads avoids monopoly positions, so you can’t always be at the top, even with perfect settings. But we guarantee that you will get results.

Our team has several PPC colleagues, so there’ll always be someone to check your account and correct any errors – even during holidays.

As well as support extras, we also give you a deposit extra for a new account. This means if you spend at least 120,000 HUF on Google ads in 3 months, you’ll get an extra 120,000 credit!

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