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Most internet users start browsing online by pressing the search button; this search is driven by some kind of need. In most cases, people use the internet to satisfy their information needs, whether finding out the results of a bet on the 14th US President or a local restaurant, finding the perfect outfit, or the ideal professional for a home renovation.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps customers and clients find your business online.

This is done by using different optimization methods to increase organic search traffic. Our team uses modern SEO services based on best digital marketing practices. We aim to drive as many relevant and potential customers to your site as possible using the right keywords.

SEO services are the foundation of online marketing, but finding the right consultant and agency can be difficult.

How does SEO work?

It all starts with online search engines (like Google). Each search engine sends out its own robots (crawlers) to gather all the content and information on the internet and build an index. When a query comes in, the search engine algorithms scan this index to give the most relevant information in the hit list, called the search engine ranking.

This is where SEO comes in. Optimization helps the bots understand what’s on your site, what value your business offers, and how it relates to relevant keywords.

This foundation will generate organic traffic to your site and strengthen every aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

However, the major search engines constantly improve their algorithms and strategies to meet users' needs. That's why it's important to build a sustainable optimization strategy that's constantly working for you and your business's success.

More than 70 000 searches every second

In 2023, SEO is no longer about ranking for popular search terms but about being found when you need it most. We, as experts, can help you find the most relevant keywords for your business that will drive quality traffic and increase revenue.

8 steps to success with our SEO consulting and implementation services

SEO is a longer process. It takes time and a lot of research to find what fits your community to achieve success in organic search results. That’s why our SEO process starts with you. You know your business best, and your goals are the driving force behind your SEO strategy. That’s why our team takes the time to get to know you and your business before we start any work.

A thorough analysis of your community, business model, and competitors will help our team work more effectively and develop a tailored search engine optimization strategy that meets your needs.


Our experienced marketing consultants will work with you to define your digital marketing objectives and use them as a starting point for SEO planning.

Website audit

By auditing your website, we can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current situation. We use a wide range of SEO tools to identify and prioritize elements of your website.

Competitive analysis

Auditing your competitors’ activities is a proven way to differentiate your unique value proposition. This helps our SEO team identify your business’s outstanding advantages while providing inspiration for the next step, keyword research.

Keyword research

This critical phase involves the thorough analysis of popular search terms together with the data and information you provide. This will help us understand what your customers are actually searching for. Our team will analyze your monthly search traffic, keyword difficulty, and what other pages are coming up for those keywords in the results list.

Content strategy

After long and detailed research, we will put together a content strategy. We define the silos, i.e., the different categories of topics. Keywords are then inserted into these silos and assigned specific keywords.

Content creation

With our content marketing services, our team will write custom content for you to engage your customers and improve your SEO results.

Traffic and ranking monitoring

We monitor your website’s performance through reports utilizing metrics collected by Google Analytics and Search Console. This information reveals how your website performs and unveils new opportunities or identifies potential errors.

Fine-tuning SEO plans

The data on site performance guides us in refining our SEO plan, enabling us to consistently produce superior content. Analyzing analytics data empowers us to make necessary adjustments during the optimization process.

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Frequently asked questions

Keywords are words or phrases someone types into a search engine to find a product, service, or information. For instance, searching for a roofing company might use the keyword “roof” or a longer phrase like “roofing companies near you.” In SEO, the goal is to identify the keywords most crucial to your target audience and ensure visibility for those keywords in Google and other search engine results.

As with any other marketing activity, it is crucial to measure results in SEO. Many methods are available, but two effective ways are to track organic website traffic and monitor keyword positions.

Google Analytics and other programs help you see how often search engines find your website. People who visit your site through Google without clicking on a paid ad are called organic visitors. By logging in to your Google Analytics or Search Console account, you can see how many organic users you had in a given period.

In addition to organic traffic, you can also measure keyword rankings. For example, if you own a dog boarding business and want to rank for the keyword “dog boarding in Budapest” in Google, you must check where you currently rank for this in the results list. Are you at the top of the first page? If you’re not performing well yet but already focusing your SEO efforts on this keyword, you’ll gradually improve your rankings over time and move up the rankings.

There is much research and debate on the issue. One side claims that duplicate content is not a problem, while the other takes duplicate content very seriously. Our position is that original and quality content is a better long-term solution. We do not risk our clients’ sites getting into trouble now or in the future if Google decides to crack down on duplicate content. All the content we produce is original.

The cornerstone content presents the most important elements of a given topic in a comprehensive and detailed way, providing readers with extremely valuable information. This type of content tends to be longer and deeper than traditional blog posts and forms the core content pieces of a website or blog on which a variety of more detailed posts on specific topics can be built. The aim of cornerstone content is to provide readers with a ‘foundation’ to build to further develop the information they seek on a particular topic.

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