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The importance of websites in 2023: why it is essential for businesses

Is a website really necessary in 2023?

You may wonder whether a website is unnecessary, as any company can successfully promote itself on various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others). However, a website is not only a way to sell and present your product or service but also a way to have an online business card.

Nowadays, when people want information about a company, they immediately start looking for their website. You can indeed find information on social media platforms, but not in the same aggregated and structured way as on a website.

Why is Facebook not enough?

Facebook is the perfect platform for a company to promote its brand and advertise its seasonal promotions through posts. However, there is one problem that no one thinks about with these. That is, the information is not presented in a structured and transparent way.

In the case of websites, the fact is that a user will leave a page after 3-5 seconds if they cannot find the information they are looking for. But this is no different for a Facebook page. You may be posting regularly and taking care to stay in touch with your followers, but it doesn’t follow that the information you’re looking for is easily accessible to new users.

Another big advantage of websites is that you own them. While Facebook and other social media platforms can disappear from the public consciousness overnight, the website and the hosting you subscribe to and create are yours. You can download the website files and even if the hosting goes away, you can transfer your content to another provider.

What roles does a website play?

When considering a website, the first thing you need to think of is exactly what role it will play in the life of your business.

There are several ways to use a website:

You display only the important information about your company, like an online business card.

You sell products or services.

You provide information about products or services.

You use it as an appointment booking system for your clients.

These are just a few examples of the most popular uses. Website creation is important for your business so your current and potential customers and clients can find the information they seek quickly and easily.

Website design - key elements

In the points below, we’ve put together what to look out for when you’re building a website.


As a first step, defining what you will use the website for is important. Will it be a simple business site? Maybe a webshop?

These are always discussed and clarified at the first meeting to ensure the work is completed in the best possible form.

Think of this question as if I were asking you what kind of terrain you would like to use the car you are buying new for. Taking a city car off-road or one suited to the environment makes a difference.

Monthly turnover rate

Determining traffic is important because we need to know how many resources your new website will need to serve users smoothly. This is a key step in the website-building process.

You don’t need to worry if you can’t give us an exact figure, as the hosting we work with is set up to automatically increase the resource in case of an increase in visitor volume. So, for example, in the case of a large campaign, i.e., when a large number of users suddenly arrive on the website, the hosting should be able to work without any problems.

Or, if you let us know in advance that you’re planning a major campaign, we can take extra steps to protect you against any problems that might arise.

How many subpages will it have? Will there be a blog? (features)

At the first meeting of the website design, we will go over exactly what your needs are. This is a key step in the website-building process as it will largely determine the price of your website.

To get the website you want, you need to answer the following questions as accurately as possible:

What will my site's purpose be?

How many pages will it consist of?

Design preferences (minimalist, clean, youthful, etc.)?

Is there a reference site that I like?

Color preferences?

What features do I need? (form, newsletter, webshop engine, blog engine, appointment booking system, etc.)

By clarifying your needs before starting the website-building process, you can streamline your project from the outset. This proactive approach allows you to identify all necessary features early on, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming additions later in the development phase.

Content Management System (CMS)

When considering website construction options in 2023, it’s important to understand the distinction between using a Content Management System (CMS) and opting for a custom-built website.

A CMS, like WordPress, offers a pre-designed framework that eliminates the need to create fundamental website components from scratch. This user-friendly approach ensures that, in most cases, modifications can be made without needing a developer. On the other hand, custom-built websites are developed entirely from the ground up and tailored to specific customer requirements.

This customization means that without coding knowledge, you’ll likely depend on developers for site updates or changes, potentially limiting your ability to independently make quick adjustments independently.


One major benefit of using CRM systems like WordPress is the vast availability of plugins for almost any functionality you might need. However, this is a double-edged sword, as it’s important to verify the credibility of the plugin developers and their work. While WordPress ensures that only plugins from reliable sources are accessible on its platform, issues still arise in approximately 10% of cases, potentially affecting your website negatively.

Custom development On the other hand, opting for custom development means every feature of your website is built to your specific requirements from the ground up. This approach is inherently more time-intensive and costly. While it guarantees that the final product is precisely tailored to your needs, it may not always be the most economical or efficient choice.

Custom development might not be necessary for most businesses, especially smaller ones. A pre-built solution like WordPress can often meet your needs without the hefty price tag associated with custom development, which can reach significant amounts.

Design, branding elements

Regarding your website’s design and branding elements, it’s crucial to consider your target audience. For a demographic leaning towards older users, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use in your website’s design is key. Conversely, a more sleek and modern aesthetic is likely more appealing if your target audience is younger. This consideration ensures that your website meets your functional needs and resonates well with your intended users.


Next, consider the colors for your website. Typically, the choice of colors is influenced by those found in your logo, ensuring a cohesive visual identity. Limiting your palette to 2-3 colors is advisable to maintain a clean and unified look. Using more can overwhelm the design and make your website appear cluttered.


After finalizing the color scheme, focus on the graphic elements. Decide whether you’ll use custom icons and images, including photos of your company and employees. If custom graphics are not feasible, high-quality stock photos and icons are readily available online for an affordable monthly fee, offering a practical solution for enhancing your website’s visual appeal.

Technical structure, plugins

The last step involves the technical architecture and selection of plugins, which are crucial for building your site. 

Plugins function similarly to LEGO blocks on a LEGO base, allowing you to visually assemble your website with ease. This base, akin to a theme in WordPress, supports the widgets or “cubes” you choose, simplifying the page-building process.

However, ease of use doesn’t guarantee effective use. When constructing your website, it’s not just the design and functionality that matter but also speed and optimization. Careful consideration of the tools and plugins you select, their purposes, and how they operate is essential to building a well-performing website.


Many individuals are eager to see instant results, particularly when driving traffic to a new website. While short-term boosts in traffic can be achieved through paid advertising, there’s a more sustainable method that only requires a modest investment of effort to attract visitors organically and at no cost.

This method is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which focuses on creating quality content centered around specific keywords. The process of SEO may take around 3-6 months to show results, but it proves to be more beneficial in the long run compared to the fleeting advantages of paid advertising.

Some may view the investment in SEO as unnecessary, considering the fast-paced nature of business where planning often doesn’t extend beyond 1-2 years. However, the question of who will read the extensive content produced for SEO purposes is answered by the very audience it’s intended for. Contrary to some beliefs, the targeted readers do engage with and value the content. This is because the material is crafted not just for ranking on search engines like Google but also to meet the needs and interests of potential customers, providing them with valuable information and insights.

How to have an attractive and professional website

To get a clearer idea of what we do and what you can entrust to us, read our package offers:

Website creation

Website management monthly support



Management and creation of mailing systems

Website creation

Whether you need a business website, a landing page, or a webshop, our services cover all aspects to assist you. We do more than just build your site; we also help design its structure to ensure customers can easily navigate and find what they need.Additionally, we manage the technical SEO setup from the start, laying a solid foundation for future SEO efforts to boost your site’s visibility.

Our support continues once your website is live. We update your site and perform any requested tasks during our monthly support sessions. If you are too busy to manage your new site, there’s no need to worry. We’re here to handle everything for you, ensuring your website remains fresh and functional without requiring constant attention.

Website management monthly support

Our monthly support service is tailored to the specific needs of your website and the amount of work you require each month. We establish a fixed number of monthly hours dedicated to completing any tasks you request.
Additionally, we perform weekly updates to ensure your site remains current and secure. This regular maintenance helps prevent potential security breaches by keeping all extensions and plugins up to date, safeguarding your site against vulnerabilities that could lead to unauthorized access or other security issues.


If crafting the perfect text for your company’s website seems daunting due to time constraints or lack of writing skills, we’re here to help. A common concern is, “Our company operates in a specialized field that demands expertise. Can you really write the text?” Our response is consistently affirmative. Our team of technical writers is adept at quickly researching any subject matter and writing complex, detailed texts that accurately use specialist terminology.

Beyond offering copywriting services for your website, we extend our expertise to creating professional blog posts. This is an integral part of our SEO service, where we regularly produce educational and professional content tailored to your site’s needs, helping to enhance your online presence and engage your target audience effectively.


An essential step in our SEO service is to carry out keyword research focused on your area of expertise,s and based on this, we will create an annual content plan. Our copywriters regularly write and upload this content to your website’s blog sub-page.

Technical SEO settings play a crucial role in the initial stages of website development. Incorporating basic SEO principles from the outset when building your site ensures a solid foundation for SEO success. This approach provides a smooth start, positioning your website favorably from an SEO perspective right from the beginning.

Management and creation of mailing systems

Want to reach your customers directly through another channel? Email marketing is the perfect solution. We offer a full service to set up your email marketing system and produce regular newsletters for your customers.

If you already have such automation in place, we will audit it, make recommendations for improvements to the system, and then take over the management of the account.

This is what our workflows look like

What does working with us look like when building a website? Each client has a project manager who liaises with the client and the professional.

Step one

In the first step, we will discuss your questions about the site in an online meeting. Based on a prepared checklist, we will review the important questions for the quote. You can also feel free to ask questions about processes and technical details.

Step two

The second step will be the preparation of a comprehensive offer for you, in which you can see the services itemized. At this point, you can modify the quote to remove and/or add any package elements.

Step three

In the third step, we will organize a kick-off call where you can meet our experts. Here, we will answer any questions you may still have, or if you have any additional comments, you can share them.

Step four

At this point, the real work begins. First, we’ll find you 3 templates to work from. These are fully customizable.

We define the structure of the website. How many subpages will there be? How are the sections positioned within the subpages? Where should the CTAs be, and where should they go?
In summary, we are designing the basis of the site and how the user will get from A to B.

Once these two are final, we will build this framework and use it to create the 1.0 version. If you requested texts or have your own, you can place the first version here.

Step five

We’ll send you both the page and the texts; we’ll make the necessary corrections if you have any requests. Once the changes are made, we send you the 2.0 version. After this point, there can not be any further rounds of changes.

Step six

The last step is to make the page live and start support. We will build and host your site on our own hosting. In addition to this, we’ll also create a video tutorial package so you can modify your newly created site yourself.

Our communication processes

As we work online, it is crucial that we communicate effectively with colleagues about projects. We use Discord for this purpose. Every project has a so-called channel where we can communicate transparently and retrospectively about the tasks or issues that arise.

discord chat
Source: Discord.com

To hold projects accountable, we use ClickUp, a software designed to measure how many working hours have been spent on a given project. This is particularly important when building a website, as it allows us to see the difference between the hours entered and the invested time.

We use Google Drive software to store and manage our documents, which is useful in many ways. You can create a shared storage space to access so you can see what you’re working on. Another important benefit is Google Docs, the cloud-based document version of Word. We like it because it’s easy to make changes to the finished text that both parties can see and approve.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you will get both. At the end of the website creation process, we will create a user for the website and, if you wish, for the hosting.

At the end of each website creation, you will receive a complete video tutorial on editing text and changing images. If you need more work, we never respond to requests after one business day.

Of course! As part of our monthly support hours, we’ll update your website and upload blog posts, and if we can fit it into those hours, we’ll make minor improvements.

Yes! We will discuss your needs at the first meeting, and if you wish, we can write a complete website copy for you. Suppose your company deals with a complex topic. In that case, our technical copywriters will pick up the thread of your company and produce website content in the tone of voice and with the right professional copywriting.

Don’t worry! We host a daily backup of your website, so if the site accidentally goes down or the structure of the site changes, it can be restored to its previous state with a click.

No. We will discuss each development or request, then use this information to determine the number of hours needed to complete the work and send you this information. Work will only start once you have approved everything, including pricing.

You don’t have to, but it’s the only way to ensure your site is fast and secure. If you’re worried that we might block your site entirely, we’ll give you access to the hosting if needed.

Yes, of course. If you indicate this in the first meeting, we will register the domain name you specify, and your site will be loaded on this domain when you sharpen it.

If you have any other questions,
feel free to ask!


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