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Who are we?

We know for sure that without social media, life stops. Our team is backed up by professional SEO and PPC experts, social media managers and gastro bloggers.

Why do you need quality marketing?

Now Social Media defines who you are

What would you like?

You can win potential customers if everyone is speaking about your restaurant and sharing pictures taken of your dishes on Instagram . If you are number one on TripAdvisor, you are definitely the most popular in town.

You must become such a place which is shared and tagged by people on their social networking sites with pleasure.

How to reach this goal?

Don’t forget! Most of our buying decisions are made based on others’ reviews.

We will help you to have a good reputation.

The better you look on the internet, the more will be your customers.


How can we help?

We know that running a restaurant means that every day you find yourself in the midst of a storm that needs to be controlled. In order to keep an eye on everything, some tasks must be delegated to others.

Gasztromarketing - instagram menedzsment
Instagram management

We produce quality content for your site every month, monitor reactions and comments on the site. Manage your ads to reach more potential clients!

gasztro marketing tripadvisor felügyelet
TripAdvisor management

We monitor the page and help you get the best out of TripAdvisor. We’ll also help you manage your paid ads!

Gasztromarketing Facebook fiók felügyelet
SEO - PPC management - Waze ads

If that’s not enough, we can strengthen your business in other areas as well.
We produce content and manage your Facebook page, launch your restaurant on  Waze and boost your business with PPC and SEO campaigns.

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If you have had to make an effort to manage your own community pages so far, or you feel your business has grown so big that it’s time to seek professional help, contact us.

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