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Comprehensive digital marketing service

Project management, strategy, professional consulting and execution. Active community life, workshops, marketing blog.

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Content marketing

SEO, search engine optimization, link buliding, copywriting


Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads Management

Website development

WordPress based with Elementor to a deadline.

Social Selling

LinkedIn based automated lead generation

Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Tripadvisor marketing

Email marketing

Automation creation, development, brokerage.

Conversion rate optimisation

Google Analytics installation, theory development and testing

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Process driven digital marketing

Why with us?

We listen! In our cooperation all campaigns are managed by a project manager. The specialist collagues are communicating with you through them or together with them. This way you only need to talk to one person who will know exactly what you need.

We take the initiative! Our work does not stop with reporting, we make the effort for understanding your business goals and make suggestions for further improvement opportunities, whether you are an SME or a multinational company.

We adapt! As the marketing goals and expectations are changing in your organization, so do we.

We tell you and show you! We have a detailed, well-proven reporting system that shows real business progress. In addition to keeping this up to date, we also present with videos and with regular meetings what is happening with your campaigns.

We react! We share our knowledge with developed processes and in-house knowledge hubs. If we notice any missing links, we know how to analyze and incorporate them into our processes.

Would you like to get to know us? We would love to know you! Send a message or request an offer!

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Marketing Blog

We share deep professional content on our blog several times a month.


We regularly stream workshops on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.


Regular marketing and business discussions.


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Attila Bánki, CEO, Vermis CEO, Vermis

Előd (and the Astro team) is specifically that prudent expert who always has some extra practical advice, measured by or influenced by real campaigns. One of the best trained experts in content marketing, feel free to ask him.

Tamás Kádár, CEO, CEO,

We benefited from our collaboration with Astro in terms of our marketing and our processes as well. They have proven their expertise in several fields, from LinekdIn social selling to link building.

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Blog, podcast, webinar

Business & Marketing

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Olvasási idő: 5 perc Tudtad, hogy a B2B marketing az üzleti egységek közötti üzleteket jelenti, és elengedhetetlen egy vállalkozás sikeréhez? Kattints, és tudj meg mindent!

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