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Content marketing

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, content marketing. Slightly different names for the same activity. Content marketing, however, best covers the point. We create informative, valuable content that generates interest and interactions. In addition to our users, the search engine also rewards us with its attention.

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Be the star of the digital world

Content is the king

Today, Google dominates nearly 90% of the global search market. In the name of an outstanding user experience, the operation of the search algorithm is constantly modified.

Provide relevant answers to user questions. Where possible, entertain or create an emotionally charged relationship.

A typical demand is to be in the first place of the SERP in case of a given keyword, although this generally has less economic benefit than extensive organic traffic.

We have developed our keyword research techniques while working on local and international markets. We use various market-leading softwares.

The biggest challenge of content marketing is the ability to constantly innovate creatively. We pay attention to you and work hard to ensure continuously a stable path for development.

Content marketing is a constant, weekly-monthly activity with an annual return. Once it is interrupted, all the invested energy and effort become meaningless.

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Game of articles and links

How are we going to work together if you choose us?

Our cooperation begins with topic and keyword research. In addition to market standards, we also conduct topic research for each keyword. For a whole-year-long content marketing activity, we propose about 150-200 article title suggestions. From these, the theme of the content created on the website can be built.

Based on the keyword and topic research, we create relevant content that fills your website in the form of articles.

If expert knowledge is needed, we involve our experts.

The publication of the newly created content is not enough. Most of the work is just beginning! The next step is the development of the link portfolio through distribution/sharing, guest posts, manual link building, and posting on social media platforms. During our collaboration, we estimate the strength and volume of links that will be required to achieve better ranking.

Content marketing
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