Conversion optimization

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Bringing traffic to your site is not enough! You have to keep your audience there, moreover, you need to direct them to the desired business goals. Conversion optimization is the solution.

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Success is in the small details.

Site optimization

The conversation rate can be optimized by testing different elements of the website. This is based on an accurate analytical measurement.

There is no CRO without installing GTM or Google Analytics in a native way. It provides improved site measurement.

A progress list is recommended on a weekly/monthly basis depending on the project. We measure the success rate with A/B testing, and we report the final results.

We develop in WordPress and other CRM systems, which is why we are able not just to plan, but install the pre-planned concepts.

We know the most important index is the conversion rate and to find the way how to improve it. We use metrics such as spent time on the site, click-through and bounce rate.

One of the most difficult challenges in CRO is if the requested demands are not delivered properly for the site modification, that’s why we know how important communication is.

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Improved conversion percentage

How are we going to work together if you choose us?

Visitors must be measured with the utmost accuracy, we provide this accuracy with Tag manager based on Google Analytics. This is a crucial foundation of conversion optimization since we can’t base the measurement on it without precise data.

We are constantly creating theories for the necessary changes on the website and we make these modifications together with the developers. After this, we are running A/B testing to see which version is the best suited, and then we start the theory process all over again.

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