The best performing channel

Email marketing

Our email account is our digital private sphere. Although the rules of the digital game have changed over the years, still it is the best performing channel. If someone signs up, waiting for our email, it means it is easy to turn them into customers. At the same time, this power equals more responsibilities, spam lists are more strict than ever.

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Messages in the digital private sphere

Top selling channel

We convert your email list with personalized messages and automations.

In addition to the most popular softwares, we can find our way even with the less familiar ones. The point is having automation in these systems.

Our primary goal is to improve the opening and click-through rate. As part of an integrated activity, we attract potential customers.

We understand your products or services, and we build up your email communication together with the copywriters.

We understand how to build your email lists, and we show you how to make your business even more successful through email marketing.

The biggest threat for maintaining the quality is the overused and not relevant email lists.

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Bulk mail

How are we going to work together if you choose us?

For our partners we buy sending opportunities to different email lists, that is to say, we make contracts with professional portals to send specific contents to their email lists, this is absolutely GDPR compliant. As a result, we can generate new subscribers and visitors to your site.

Email marketing automation is the solution for delivering truly exciting and complex results. Through the process we build lists, and identify entry and switching points. To do this, we choose an automation purpose, then we create the necessary automation. We monitor and constantly improve the built-up process.

email marketing
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