Paid traffic driving


By direct traffic driving we bring visitors to our partner's sites, depending on their needs it can be a social platform or a website. With this, we can easily generate conversions and direct business results.

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Lead generation with Pay Per Click

We drive targeted traffic to your website with PPC activity.

We can manage ads on many social platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

As part of the PPC activity, we are constantly optimizing our campaigns and targeting settings to improve our primary metrics.

If it is required we can develop landing pages and improve the user experience in general, altough this is rather a part of the CRO activity.

We take time to fully understand your needs and work together to achieve your business goals. Our cooperations are mostly hour-based, so they can be scaled according to the periodic needs.

Paid ads are easy to think of as an immediate solution. With us, however, you will know from the beginning what to expect.

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Facebook Ads, Google Ads

How are we going to work together if you choose us?

The first step is to plan the targeting. We start with keyword research or with promptly defining the target audience. The purpose of this process is to understand the product we are promoting and connect it with the right audience. Who are the potential buyers? What problem does the product or service solve? When should we target them in the buying cycle?

We report the results and monitor the efficiency of the campaigns on a daily-weekly basis. If necessary, we make adjustments to achieve the desired goals.

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