Social lead generation

Social selling

LinkedIn is part of B2B marketing, through this platform we can easily reach out to decision makers. Besides this important benefit, it provides unique business acquisition opportunities supported with content and social marketing elements.

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Attracting B2B customers

Lead generation through LinkedIn

The online selling process is completed with an automatized, robotic activity and the communication is operated with human operators.

One of the advantages of community sales is that there is no need for a complex online presence, and it works precisely on the B2B market.

In the course of our cooperation, we are bringing potential customers. Although these are not signed contracts yet, but these customers usually have a huge potential for buying the products.

Speed is half success in the sales process. If the leads are not managed properly, the work was in vain. That’s why if it’s required we can also handle the pre-negotiations.

Even after the beginning of our cooperation, we are going to brainstorm, create lists of ideas together, and make recommendations on how to improve further the achievement of the activity.

Usually we can reach out to 5 to 20 potential customers monthly. The quantity depends largely on the nature of the service or product we are working with.

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Linkedin is the foundation of B2b marketing

How are we going to work together if you choose us?

The cooperation starts with an installation process, then we define the target audience together. The next step is creating the first lists and the canned message. We understand and learn about the service or the product for which we are going to generate the leads. Furthermore, if it’s necessary we set up avatar users and install the software environment.

After the setup process, a warm-up process follows. If the LinkedIn profile has been actively communicating in the past, this is not necessary. Then we can start the communication and managing the daily messages. In a fully developed activity, we exercise an average of 1-1.5 hours of supervision per day. The leads are maintained and handed over in a lead catalog, and of course, as soon we have a new catch we notify the contact person.

Features that make this possible
Social selling
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